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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Each school year my students make a quilt. They Turkish Marble the fabric, and then each students makes a block. The blocks are assembled. Then the finished quilt is given away. We select a child (in our community) that has endured some kind of crisis. This is the quilt made this year, my last year of teaching. It was given to a girl who mother was very ill.


Our class quilt nears completion

This is the last year I will make a quilt with my students. Here is a photo of the quilt that is ALMOST complete. It will be in a couple of days.
Every year for many years, the students in my class have Turkish marbled fabric, made quilt blocks with the fabric and finally a beautiful quilt. The quilt is then given to a child in our school community who has experienced a crisis in his or her life. Ironically this year, two students in our class are past recipients, and the child to whom we will give the quilt is also in our class. She isn't aware that she will get this quil yet, but soon this quilt will be given to her by the class.