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Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Sixteen months ago I sold my 33 year old Pfaff sewing machine on eBay. It was a great transaction, as I was able to sell it for a very good price, though it was 33 years old. Even though it literally had thousands of sewing hours on it, because I had always taken really good care of it, it was in prime condition. The buyer was seemingly pleased too.
I sold the original machine because, as a retirement gift to myself, I had purchased a new top of the line Pfaff machine. My logic was that selling the older machine would help defray the cost of the new one. In the intervening months since, the new machine has proven to be far less than I had hoped it would be. Breaking needles, skipping stitches, 'eating' fabric, damaging fabric etc. I thought, a cheaper machine could have given the same result.
So on a whim, I recently sent a message to the owner of my old machine. I expressed my regret for having sold the machine, and suggested that if she ever had a change of heart, to let me know. Today I got an email from the buyer, a woman in Chicago. She purchased the machine to sew on light-weight leather, and it was not performing as she had hoped. She was indeed interested in selling the machine. In fact she had recently contemplated listing it on eBay.
We shall see how this turns out. But here's hoping my reliable 'old friend' can come back home.

PS ~ 6/17/2010
I will have my old machine in my possession by Wednesday! It has been shipped!

Saturday, June 5, 2010


Strictly speaking I didn't 'make' these darling boys....but we made the daughters who made these darling boys...with their husbands' help, of course! The two outside boys are brothers Ashton (L) and Grayson, and are the children of our daughter Kristina and her husdand Michael. The little one in the middle is Eli, son of daughter Jill and her husband Travis.