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Saturday, May 29, 2010


Oregonians are complaining about the wet spring we have been having. I have had to pipe down, because I LOVE this kind of weather. It always makes me want to settle in and devote quiet time to creating. My work space is tidy after several days of purging and organizing. Finally I have time to spend there. It's the end of the term at the university, and I am done with my student teachers. They're all graduating in two weeks, and I won't have more such responsibility for 4 + months. NOW I can focus on creativity, finishing up projects, starting new ones and exploring and researching new ways to work.

The best part of these 36 log cabin blocks is that I used nothing but pieces of fabric from my scrap bag. NO NEW FABRIC PURCHASED!

I spent time in Japan on a teaching fellowship. This book fascinated me for the multitude of log cabin blocks. I don't read Japanese, so I had to make my own pattern and approximate a block from what I could decipher from the text, which wasn't much more than CM numbers!

I really like how even though the blocks are all square, the arrangement of color makes some of them appear to be elliptical.

6/17/2010 ~ The 36 blocks are done, and the quilt assembled. I have no idea what was done in the book, but I am made a circle of fabric separately, and then sewed it with a nylon thread to the finished block with a machine blanket stitch. I am quite happy with the outcome.