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Saturday, April 17, 2010


(transaltion ~ Bitter chocolate or milk chocolate?)

A kaleidoscope, made from a large print fabric cut into triangles & then assembled into hexagons. It so reminds me of Deutscher Kaffeehauskuchen.

I recently finished this wall hanging. Last summer in Sisters, Oregon, I took a class on Kaleidoscope quilts. Initially, I was disappointed in the fabric I had selected for this class. The other participants quilt blocks seemed more bold and alive than mine. Consequently, I learned so much, just from that realization. I liked mine well enough. But when I came home, it sat unfinished for months.

BACKGROUND: We were to bring to class 5 1/2 yards of fabric with large repeating images. The repeat of the images was to be 24 inches. This was really hard for me. I don't really like to use large prints, so it was a daunting task finding a print that I liked. BUT, what I soon realized while making the blocks for the quilt, is that it doesn't matter what the print looks like. Once you begin to cut and assemble the blocks, it is no longer about the original image on the fabric. It's about COLOR! I do like the colors in this finished quilt, but had I selected a fabric based only on liking the multitude of colors rather than worrying about the image I liked, I'd have ended up with a very different looking quilt. This one is subtle and pleasing, but next time I will GET A WILD, COLORFUL 5 1/2 YARDS!!!


When I first spotted these WONDERFUL FRAMED PIECES in the entry way of the home of a dear friend, I was not sure what I was seeing. The three large frames are hung on the wall above a stairwell, side by side. They are so dramatic, colorful and at once contemporary.
Eventually it was clear to me what I was seeing. And what a stunning collection they are! All of these vintage potholders were made by the owner's grandmother. Each is in pristine condition, brilliant and unique. Certainly an example of the whole being more than the parts.


wreader said...

As always, you inspire me!

grandmarockton said...

Love your Chocalate quilt does it need a new home? lol