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Sunday, July 4, 2010

My little machine arrived a day early....BUT I was so sad when I opened the shipping box to find some pretty unpleasant damage. Damage to a machine the age of this one, is very distressing. Parts are hard to come by, and in some cases, nonexistent. I notified the woman in the Midwest who shipped it, as she had insured it. The following day I took it to a local sewing machine shop that services Pfaff machines. They were not enthused about the possibility of repair, but said there was a service man in the annex who was very familiar with Pfaff and had serviced them for 30+ years. Long story short, everything can be repaired with genuine Pfaff parts, no less! The exception was the carrying case, but I was able to locate one in Wisconsin. It is used but intact. It will arrive in a few days, and I will have my machine back this week.

All four corners of the machine carrying case are cracked. Got a new case from a dealer in New Berlin, Wisconsin.

The door to the bobbin compartment seems to be broken, but it turned out only to be a loose screw...whew!

The thread spindles were bent, and the shop cannibalized another Pfaff for this part.

The 'damaged' bobbin compartment door.

The pin that holds the top onto the machine was broken. Apparently it too can be replaced with a genuine part.

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