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Friday, December 10, 2010


In eastern Europe and in Russia there is this most dee-lish soup called Soljanka (various spellings too). In my experience, the ingredient summary often leaves many Americans wondering why they would like this soup. But I'm telling you it is the best! I've never made it or recommended it to anyone who didn't become a convert to SOLJANKA.
One's own recipe will suffice though, as there are so many variations, you can't do it wrong. Near the sea it is often made with shellfish or other seafood, and in other regions organ meats (OK, I admit to liking beef tongue and using it and no one knew), beef, sausages, pork, chicken or turkey whatever is handy. As I said I don't eat a lot of meat, and my consciousness about avoiding organ meats, means I have to be VERY sure of its origin. As long as SOLJANKA has pickles, olives (I like kalmata), and capers it will be authentic. I like kraut, so I don't mind having it in the soup too. But sometimes I use fresh cabbage, if I don't happen to have kraut. Then I will add a little of the pickle brine from the pickle jar. (Homemade pickles are the best.)
I never make it the same way twice. My offspring call my soups, "Mom-cleaned-out-the-frig-soup", but they always like what it turns out to be. Here is a beginning place to look and try this wonderful, wintry, hearty soup. Look yourself for recipes. You will love SOLJANKA!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, pickle soup! Sounds intriguing! Look forward to trying sometime.