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Wednesday, December 1, 2010


In Quebec City at 52 Rue Du Petit-Champlainthere is an exquisite little restaurant called le Lapin Sauté. We dined there this fall while staying in eastern Canada. On the menu is an offering called "TOUT LAPIN, TOUT CANARD", duck and rabbit for two. Without hesitation we ordered it! The most divine meal ever. Since returning home, I've been exploring and researching every aspect of the meal to be able to approximate a recreation. Previously I have purchased rabbit from Julia at "My Pharm" in Monroe, Oregon, so getting local farm raised rabbit is not a problem. However, since I like to shake the hand of the farmer who raises my food (if I don't already raise it), I have failed to find the needed duck.

Here are the parts of the meal that I want to recreate and following are the 2 photos (one very large plate) of the meal we shared. Shall never, ever forget it!

Preserved rabbit leg, homemade rabbit “rillettes”, rabbit sausage, preserved duck leg, duck foie gras, smoked duck fillet, with preserved carrots and onions, La Sauvagine cheese, sourdough bread with nuts, beet and apple salad, croûtons, mustard and pickles .

Of course we also shared a dessert and drank some fine French Aramis Tannat, Cabernet Sauvignon with the meal.

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